Erykah Badu x Whodini x Kanye West – Trill Friends

I love her!! Its no secret. She is one of the most talented and original artists on the planet. I also love the fact she does her own versions of tunes. A few months back she dropped her ‘Hotline Bling’ version which was wicked (of course). But ‘Trill Friends’ is something special.

Kanye West dropped his ‘Real Friends’ track this past week, and the internet pradictably shit its collective pants. Pretty usual for anything Kanye related now a days. People were haling it as a return to Kanye of years past (I kind of agreed). I thought the beat was wicked, but the vocal was… meeehhhh. Now Erykah Badu steps up to remedy my feeling of meeehhh-ness and does what only she can do.  Beautiful!!! She is amazing.

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