About Me

Terence Paul Ryan, AKA Terry Hooligan is a respected DJ, Label owner, Remixer, beat maker, avid record & sneaker collector, Classic Hip Hop enthusiast and last but not least Independent underground superstar!

Along with business partner Jay Cunning, he also owns On The Rise Music. OTR is a music services company that works with some of the biggest names in the bass music world including The ProdigyViper Recordings, Stanton Warriors label Punks Music, Sunday Best & Love & other, Along with brands such as BPMBass Music Awards, Sony Vidzone & Innovation 

On The Rise also has a DJ Academy. Terry & Jay teach bespoke lessons to students from beginner to advanced level students on everything from traditional turntables to the latest in DJ tech.

His entry into the music business was as one half of the now legendary ATOMIC HOOLIGAN. But this wasn’t the beginning for him. Terry had been forging a name for himself in the Hip Hop DJ battle / Radio scene years before. It was when he met Mat Welch through a mutual friend 1998 that Terry’s musical direction changed. He was exposed to the sound of Nu Skool Breaks when Atomic Hooligan was born and started recording demo’s. Then in 2000, Vini at Botchit & Scarper records heard these demos’s and sighed Atomic Hooligan to a 2 album deal. The rest as they say is History. Terry then toured the world for the next decade under the Hooligan banner (He is the first International DJ to ever go to Russia and play breaks as quoted by Lady Waks in DJ Mag) . In this time, Terry & Mat recorded & released 2 albums and remixed everyone from Underworld to James Brown. The guys also started a live band to accommodate the sound they had pushed with their albums. This took the Hooligans to a new height, playing at the biggest festivals and clubs worldwide (Their “You Are Here” album going to no.5 in the Japanese national Album Charts off the back of an extensive nationwide live tour). While all this was going on the Hooligans managed win multiple times at the International Breakbeat awards (Twice for best live act & for Best Album) and grace the covers of both IDJ & DJ Mag. At the end of 2010, Atomic Hooligan released 2 singles on respected label Functional, gaining their first beatport.com No.1 and the labels first entry into the Cool Cuts chart. Proving that Atomic Hooligan are still as relevant now as they were a decade ago.
Terry has always had a clear view of the music he wanted to hear and play. Far from being a follower, he decided that the best way to express this view on a wider scale was to start his own label. So in 2004 with Jay Cunning, Terry founded Menu Music. At the height of Hooligan fever, Terry stepped up & forged his own lane. This provided a great opportunity for Terry to nurture his burgeoning enthusiasm for Artist Development, singing both Lady Waks & Rico Tubbs to the label, the latter releasing his classic album “Knuckle Sandwich” on Menu.
With the decline of vinyl over the years, Terry decided that this was not going to stop him playing the most up front music he could, so he adopted the Pioneer CDJ 1000. Not only did he master this piece of industry standard kit, but also incorporated tricks and scratches never before seen on the equipment. Like the now infamous & crowd pleasing “Shoulder scratch” where he picks up the CDJ on his shoulder.

Terry’s next step was to form Bass=Win records with Menu Music signee Rico Tubbs. The label would herald a new era for Terry. Free to peruse a less genre orientated path, Terry dedicated himself and his new label to releasing, playing and making only the best in Bass Music. Bass=Win opened its doors for business in January 2010 with Atomic Hooligans comeback single “Bass Crazy” (Later to be remixed on the label by Dubstep Superstars Tek One). For the next 2 years the label would release music from such scene giants as Reset!, Tomb Crew, Stupid Fresh, 501, Calvertron, Mightyfools, Filthy Rehab, Kelevra, L.A.O.S and of course Terry & Rico Tubbs.

But never one to put all his eggs in one basket, Terry has struck out by himself for a series of remixes and original tracks.

Terry Also continues to tour, spreading his Bass & Breaks sound at clubs and festivals all over the world. In 2015 he has played in Canada, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Spain & Russia.